Happy Pongal Greetings 2015 to Wish Your Loved Ones

Although pongal is primarily celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and some other regions in South India, the festive spirit can be observed all over India because Pongal has regional versions. Makar Sakaranti; Bihu; Lohri; Hadaga and Poki are celebrated at the same time in different regions of India.

But one cannot get the real essence of festivals unless it is celebrated with near and dear ones. To mark an awesome beginning to the Pongal festival this year, start greeting everyone with wonderful, heartfelt Pongal wishes. To help you collect various wishes this article introduces some top ideas of 2015.

Update: Jan 4th 2016:

Makara Sankranti Video Greetings and Wishes.

Animated Pongal Video Motion Graphics.

The above pongal video starts with a typical Tamil music in the background. The music itself is enough to set your festive mood. Then you can see an empty harvested field. The blue sky is overcast-ted with dark clouds. Along with thunders and lightning it started raining. As soon as the rain touches the harvested field, new plants started sprouting from the field.

The bright sunlight and sunflowers from both the corners welcomed the fresh green plants.The small huts in the green field; rice cooking on wood fire in the authentic clay pot; sunflower plants beside the pot leads to the final message – Happy Pongal (written in English as well as in Tamil). This kind of small and meaningful stories can be great happy pongal greetings.

Happy Pongal Wishes in Tamil

Magicbox Animation Wishes You A Happy Pongal – It starts with a static animated picture in sunny orange background with a white kalash of rice, wheat germs and two sugarcane plants at two sides. The combo of orange, white and purple Tamil text is ideal for Pongal greetings. Then the story begins with an art of lord Ganesha. The bright sun comes out of the dark clouds and light up the festive fire.

Traditionally dressed Tamilians started dancing with kalash on their heads and dholak. The background swiftly changes to purple color with decorated mango leaf toran. A farmer harnessing the field with two oxen, giving fertilizers and women are reaping the harvest. A fun touch has been added by showing an ox chasing his master and he is running out of fear, then other farmers helped him to return safe with his ox. The festival begins with stage performance and traditional songs. Colorful illusions of rangoli marked the perfect ending. At the end, the happy Pongal greeting flashes.

Pongal themed photo album presented in video. This is one of the newest happy Pongal wishes idea where you can give the right message by creating a book or photo album effect.

Pongal – Chellame Chellam Wishes You A Happy Pongal – Cartoon/Animated Tamil Rhymes For Kids – This video is very beautifully presented which looks like you are turning over the pages of a photo album one by one. The cover page wishes you Happy Pongal’ in Tamil. The next page has an image of kalash filled with rice.

The 2nd page has sugarcanes with a bright sun behind. The 3rd page has a cute ox decorated with flower garlands. The alum ends. A story begins. A farmer is harnessing the field with his ox. A family celebrates Pongal by cooking the traditional sweet dish made of rice where the son helps his mother and the father stands beside with his two daughters. Everyone is worshiping the Sun. the pages of the album turn over one by one in reverse order and the video ends. The Tamil song at the background adds magic to the video.

So, let’s start 2015 by worshipping Mother Nature for all her blessings.

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