Happy New Year 2014 – A Lovely New Year Awaits!

Vamsi: Advanced happy new year 2014 guys! This month has been a busy month for me. Just 4 posts published this month, which is kinda bad! I know, I can’t keep doing this for a long time. So, I started looking for people who can help.

Fortunately for me, Kasturi Guha Thakurta showed interest in contributing for the community. On further discussion, she agreed to write for VI. So, she will take care of all the updates on this blog until I get back. And hopefully, she is expected to continue even after my return. You can find more about her on the team page. The article below is all written by her.

Kasturi: As the New Year approaches, it comes as a breath of fresh air. New Year serves as a revelation, as a fresh beginning. We leave behind our failures and grab the new opportunities with both hands. 

Nothing is as special as the feeling of ‘first’. The first time a mother feels her baby in her womb, the first rain of the season, the first ray of sun, the first step of a child, the first day in school, the first fight, the first love, the first kiss and the first day of a year!

Every year we make new resolutions which we irreverently break and then live through the year without any sense of remorse because we believe (or rather make ourselves believe) that the resolutions were too big to have had made sense. And I couldn’t agree more! So why make big promises which we know we can never keep. Every big thing in life starts from something small. In the ever expanding life, we forget the small things that make us happy.

How many times do we really sit and think about the little privileges of life? Never? So let us do it this year.

Let us treat ourselves with the smallest resolutions this year that ACTUALLY makes us happy. Because only a happy man can make others happy!

So ladies and gentleman, guys and gals, repeat after me as I raise a toast to the small things of life.

“I promise to wake up every morning with an infectious smile on my face.”

“I promise to feel the morning breeze blow by my face.”

“I promise to feel the cold splash of water strike my face as I get ready for a lovely day ahead.”

“I promise to look back once at my mom as she waits eagerly when I leave home.”

“I promise to feel the warmth of the sun as it spreads its wings on the sky.”

“I promise to lay straight under the midnight sky and watch the stars twinkle.”

“I promise to give a kind look to every beggar who comes my way. Alms are not all they want.”

“I promise to hug my dad and tell him how much I love him.”

“I promise to embrace each day as it comes.”

“I promise to keep to all my promises.”

And last but not the least, nothing feels better than to make others happy. So stay blessed and work hard to spread as many smiles as you can this year.

Is it the morning dew, or the ocean’s blue

Is it the sunset’s light or the children’s delight

That has spread as a dove in sky?

It feels like an angel’s smile, like lovers reunite,

Like muslin so sheer and a mother’s cheer,

Oh it’s a lovely New Year!

Once again, Video Inspiration wishes you and your family a very happy new year 2014!

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