Happy Diwali 2013 – Let’s Begin The Celebration of Lights

Diwali is an indian festival sometimes in some places also called as divali and Deepavali which is famously knows as “festival of lights”. There is a huge story behind this festival and you can know more about it here.

Here is a video we have recently created to wish everybody who celebrate the festival from all around the world.

Update 31 Oct 2013: Video Transcription

To light up your dreams
To bring new hopes,
For a brighter future and a colorful life.
This Diwali, promise yourself to be there for your loved ones in times of need!
Show the world your character by doing noble deeds, but not in loud words.
Be strong, humble, and kind. Help the needy abolish the greed from your life …
And share love, success & happiness.
Video inspiration wishes you & your family a very happy and prosperous diwali.

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