Examples of Random Acts of Kindness

We have always been in a quest to find great inspirational videos for you guys. Today, we want to share examples of random acts of kindness videos. This is a collection just like our funny motivational videos we posted long back. This collection is for students, teachers, employees and also for others too. Do watch them and let us know if you like them. We seriously hope you find them useful.

The above video is one of the coolest example we have managed to find from our collection. A cool collection of random acts of kindness from strangers.

The above video teaches a great lesson. One of the perfect examples of random acts of kindness. This video teaches what can happen if people can do random acts of kindness.

Our third video is also one of the best video we have ever shared on our channel. This video teaches how giving and being kind to others can change your life, forever!

Here are other videos we shared about kindness.

Kindness is Not An Act, It is a Way of Life

Kindness videos for change.

So, those are three random acts kindness stories we have for you right now. If you have examples of random acts of kindness in school videos for kids, please don’t hesitate to share with us. Meanwhile, we might well update this blog post soon with more inspiring videos. Until then, its good bye. And by the way, please take some time to check our social links on the sidebar. A like on facebook, youtube (subscription), google+ and twitter can help us stay connected with you.

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