Effort is The Only Thing That Can Be Controlled

Aljoscha from Germany Submitted a wonderful video that talks the story of effort.

In life we tend to always want to control things. We want our life to be in a certain way and if it’s not like what we imagine it to be, we are frustrated.

Maybe we don’t have the money in the bank that we wish for or maybe we are not as healthy as we want to be. Maybe we don’t have a significant other. Like the one we dreamed about in our deepest dreams.

But you know what? Life’s not meant to be the way we are dreaming about it. Life is meant to be the way we are working on it. See if you want to have something specific in your life there’s only one way. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Go get it. It’s never coming to you by wishing for it.

If you want your life the way you imagine it to be than start creating it with your own hands. Because your actions are the only thing you really can control in this lifetime. That’s the only thing you really have a choice over.

Don’t wait for good luck to come one day in the future. Start building your good fortune today. You know I was always interested in creating movies that inspire others. I read a lot of books about it. I watched a lot of them on the internet.

But until the day I started to actually create them, upload them and share them, there haven’t been any videos by me by just dreaming about it. We live in a world where the link between our dreams and our reality is action.

If you are now sitting in your chair and reading these words and you have a big dream inside of you. Then why don’t you start now and make it a reality? Why do you prefer to continue to dream about it?

And why do you still think that one day it will suddenly happen without you being active? Go for it. Make your wish come true! Do it now! You think you are not capable of doing this? Then what about a school dropout who built a media empire called Microsoft? Or a young black kid from the streets of Brooklyn who created his own record label called Roc-a-Fella Records?

Stop hesitating and finally start believing in yourself! Those people are no super humans. They are just like you. The only difference is that they started and never finished until it was done. They even build their lives until today. They still put the effort in. Because they know that effort is the only thing they can control.

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