Best Motivational Videos on YouTube for 2015

We are almost there into the final quarter of the year 2014 and its time for us to create our new list of motivational videos for 2015.

Our 2014 list has some amazing collection of motivational videos and we seriously believe that they are worth your time.

Today’s list is a collection of youtube videos fromĀ our previous articles. If you like the collection, appreciate us with facebook or twitter shares.

motivational videos 2015

Water Changes Everything

Yes, water is life’s most basic need. Few people are fortunate enough to get it when they want it but many people out there are less fortunate than many of us. The above videos is a though provoking that explains how charitywater can help solve the problem of water for the less fortunate.

Don’t argue with idiots.

A fantastic yet funny video from birdbox studios that teaches a great lesson. This is one of those top cartoon motivational video you will find on the internet. You surely should give it a try.

Greatest Motivational Speech

One of the greatest motivational speech you will ever listen from a movie “The Great Dictator”. We have to admit, that’s Charlie Chaplin at his best!

Cutest thing a child can say!

Luiz Antonio explains why he doesn’t want to eat octopus. Its not in english, but you can always check the english video transcription right below the video.

Don’t Give Up!

The above mentioned video is perhaps one of the best sports motivational video you will ever see. One of the best GP race between two of the greats (Rossi and Lorenzo) of the sport.

Belief is Everything.

A fascinating TED talk by Kelly McGonigal about stress management.

How to be happy?

Yet another fantastic TED talks from David Steindl-Rast who explains how we can attain happiness by being grateful. Its a 15 minute speech but it is completely worth watching.

So that’s the list of motivational videos for 2015. All the videos are old but each video carries a great message on its own. We hope you find these videos useful for the next year, 2015.

We shall update this video list with more life changing videos so make sure to check this once in a while.

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