Best Motivational Videos – 2012 / 2013 Collection

Video Inspiration will be a one year old website in 6 days from today. Over the past 360 odd days we have posted numerous motivational and inspirational videos (sometimes even funny video collection). Some of them have gone viral on our facebook page and some have managed average reach. Now, its time for us to show you the best motivational videos we have posted over the past one year! So, here is the collection for you!

1: Because Water Changes Everything

We are faced with a major water crisis. And it leads to scores of other problems. We need to tackle it as fast as possible. This amazing video shows us the intensity of the crisis and how we can overcome it. This video may be the answer to many-many problems in the world.

2: Don’t Give Up – Until The Very Last Breath

The above video (Don’t give up) is one of the best sports motivational video you will ever see! Amazing video this one!

3: If You Give a Little Love You Get a Little Love of Your Own

4: Greatest Inspirational Speech By a True Legend – Charlie Chaplin

5: Rachel Beckwith’s Last Wish Brings Clean Water to 37,700 People

Description for youtube video:

On July 23, 2011, nine-year-old Rachel Beckwith was killed in a tragic car accident on highway I-90 near Seattle, Washington. After her death, thousands of people all around the world started donating to her mycharity: water fundraising page, and over the course of a month, raised over $1.2 million in Rachel’s honor. That money is now helping 37,700 people get access to clean water.

It’s been exactly a year since the accident. In honor of the anniversary, Rachel’s mom, Samantha, and her grandparents, Richard and Roseanne, visit Ethiopia with charity: water and meet some of the people Rachel helped. We’ve documented the entire day on video so we can share it with all of you.

6: Real Friends Stand By You

7: Great Music + Stunning Video = Inspiration

8: Without Music Life Would Be a Mistake

9: This little kid teaches the world a great lesson! Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Heard a Child Say.

10: Why people fail and how to fix them?

So, these are some of the best videos we have with us right now. You can checkout all our motivational and inspirational video collection here.

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One of the Finest Motivational Video

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